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The business landscape is constantly changing. Not only do you have to understand your current financial position, but you must plan for the future, too. Do you use all of your resources – including your financial audit – to improve your company? Don't think of your audit as a nuisance. Instead, leverage your audit to improve your operations, efficiencies and profitability.

You need a forward-thinking firm that can not only provide you with a high-quality audit and compliance services, but can also be a business advisor and reliable source of guidance. The Rea & Associates team of more than 70 auditors serves more than 850 clients in all phases of their life cycles. Our team works seamlessly with start-ups, mature companies, not-for-profit organizations and government entities while focusing on issues that are important to your specific organization, such as fraud deterrence, internal controls and data security. We also provide PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance and IT audit consulting services.

Want to learn more about our capabilities? Check out articles in our audit article library, or by contacting Michaela McGinn, CPA, director of audit services.

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